Philippians Project

This is the latest translated text into English by the computer program BibleTrans. This is not church-ready; some words are not the best choice, but the concepts are reasonably accurate. Brackets identify implicit information, not in the Greek but added to the semantic database for clarity.

The semantic database this was translated from needs some revision to achieve consistency and better quality translation, but at least you can see that BibleTrans works.

We expect other languages to become available as I get somebody willing to work with me for a couple weeks to do it.

1 1 From Paul and Timothy, Christ Jesus's slaves, to all God's people united with him with church leaders and deacons who are located in Philippi, 2 Grace and peace is to [you] from our Father God and Lord Christ Jesus.

3 I am thanking my God, as often as I am remembering you, 4 the way I am pleading to [him], and [I] am glad always, as often as I am pleading to [him] for you all, 5 because you were associating with me for the gospel, since it was during first day [during which you were believing], until it is now. 6 Because I have been trusting [him] that [he [who] began among you the good workmanship] will be finishing [his] work, until it is during a day [during which Messiah Jesus will return to the earth]. 7 Inasmuch as I am thinking properly about you, because I am yearning to you, because you are associating with me, in the case of I am imprisoned;  I am defending [concerning the gospel]; and I am verifying it, in the case of [God] was gracious to [us]. 8 By the way, I am strongly affirming that I am desiring that [I will be visiting you], the way Christ Jesus is feeling to you. 9 I am praying to [God] that you will be loving [him and people] excessively more, in the case of you are knowing, as often as you are understanding, 10 in order that you can test things which are valuable, so that you will be sincere until a day [during which Christ will return to the earth], and you will be blameless, 11 because [God] will have been filling you with the deed which is the righteousness by Christ Jesus, so [people] will be glorifying God; and [they] will be praising him.

12 Fellow believers I desire that you are knowing that [the things with regard to me had not resulted in that [they prevent that [the gospel is progressing]], instead they had been resulting in that it is progressing, 13 therefore whole palace guard and all remaining people [in Rome] are knowing that I am imprisoned, [because I am preaching [Christ's gospel]]. 14 Many brothers are daring excessively that they are speaking fearlessly it, 15 the way people are preaching [it], because [they] are jealous of [me]; and [they] are quarreling, but people are preaching [it], because [they] are pleased with [me]. 16 Because [they] are loving [me], because [they] had known that I have been located in [here], in order that I am defending concerning the gospel, 17 but [the people] are not proclaiming sincerely [his gospel], because of [Satan] had embittered them, because they are supposing that they will be creating the trouble, with regard to: I am imprisoned, 18 by the way, it is whatever; I am rejoicing, in the case of [things] are proclaiming [Christ's gospel], the way it is doing it, by they are pretending that they are proclaiming [it] or they are proclaiming with the truth [his gospel], by [he] has persuaded the brothers united with himself, because I am imprisoned].
I will be rejoicing, 19 because I am knowing that it will result in that I will be saving, [although I am imprisoned], by you are pleading to [God]; and the Holy Spirit united with Christ Jesus is providing for [me], 20 according to I am desiring that I will not be ashamed that [I honor highly him] but [I] will be honoring highly him with my body, the way I am brave, when it is now, by I might have been living or I might die, [just as [I] am honoring highly him always]; I am hoping that it will not do it. 21 Because I will be living united with him [if I will be living] then; and I will have earned [if I might die] then. 22 It will have been resulting in the deed if I might be living in the body then, when [I] will be working, by the way, I am not knowing the thing, in answer to: whom/what will I select. 23 But two things are pushing me?  Because I am desiring that I will die; and then I will be with Heaven, because I will be with him better than [I am living in the body]. 24 But [I] am continuing necessarily in it for you that [I am living]. 25 And I know that I will be remaining, and I will be remaining with you all, in order that you might be progressing, in the case of you are believing; and you might be glad, in the case of you are believing, 26 so that your pride might be in abundance united with him with regard to me, by I will be arriving again to you, after [God] had persuaded me that [I continue necessarily in the body for you that [I am living]].
27 Be living worthy of Christ's gospel!  So that I will hear that you are in one worldview, by you are toiling with each other in one self for the doctrine with regard to the gospel 28 you are not afraid by things which are hostile toward [you and the gospel], in particular, you demonstrate that [God] will destroy them, but [he] will save you, [because you are in one worldview, by you are toiling with each other in one self for the doctrine with regard to the gospel; ; and you are not afraid by them which are hostile toward [you and the gospel]], [and he will destroy them]; [he will save you]. 29 Because [he] gave generously to you, in particular, you are trusting Christ; and you are suffering for him, 30 because you are experiencing that you are struggling, just as you were seeing me who was struggling; and you have heard that I am struggling, although I might see you, toward I might go to [you] from [here] or I might be absent from [Philippi].

Rev. 2009 April 11